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stone ridge MINISTRIES

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Real spiritual growth happens best within relationally-connected believers in small groups where trust, truth, transparency, and transformation are emphasized.

Become a part of a LifeGroup today and begin to grow in community.

On Campus Groups
Sunday morning

9:00 am

Conference Room - Multigenerational Adults

Room 201 - Parents of Multi-Age Kids

Room 203 - Mature Adult Women

Room 204 - Median Adults

Room 205 - College

Room 202 - Young Adults (married and single, 25-37 year olds)

Ridge Kids

Stone Ridge Students

Sunday Night

5:00 pm

Room 201 - Mattox Group

5:30 pm

Long Group

Ridge Kids

Stone Ridge Students

Wednesday Night

5:30 pm:

Stone Ridge Students D-Life

5:45 pm: 

Divorce Care

6:00 pm:

Ridge Kids

Off Campus Groups
Sunday Night

5:30 pm

Griffin Group

Thursday Night

6:30 pm

Sharpe Group

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